Versatile and powerful delivery pump range for construction work

The many desirable features of MAI delivery pumps include low noise, high pressure, high capacity, high efficiency, reliable performance and long service life

Meet the range of MAI delivery pumps

MAI International GmbH offers a range of delivery plumps for plastering work on construction sites.

Let MAI delivery pumps be a valuable partner on your construction job. Talk to us about the range of versatile MAI cement pumps.








Gypsum filler--XXXX
Lime-cement renderXXXXXXXX
Clay plaster-XXXXXXXX
Filler or compoundXXX-X-
Dispersions, spatulaXXXXXXX
Adhesive filler-XXXXXX
Repair mortar-XXXXX
Self levelling floor screed-XXXX-
Levelling compounds-XXXXXXX
Finishing plaster-XXXXXXXX

-: not suitable | X: limited suitability | XX: suitable | XXX: very suitable


The MAI®2PUMP-PICTOR is an extraordinarily useful and easy to use continuously adjustable pump. It is a powerful mortar pump, as well as being very suitable as a grout injection pump for building injection work.


The MAI®2PUMP-LYRA is a versatile plaster pump for both standard and airless applications on the construction site. 


The MAI®2PUMPTAURUS is a powerful workhorse on the jobsite. This virtually indestructible concrete pump offers high performance in the toughest conditions.


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