Foam concrete production systems from MAI®: versatile and economical

Other areas where porous lightweight concrete is very useful are cavity filling, well backfilling, masonry grouting, setting up pipeline monolithic thermal insulation, monolithic low-rise  and  individual  house building, levelling floors, road sub-bases and maintenance, bridge abutments and repairs, and ground stabilisation.

MAI® has developed a range of porous lightweight foamed  concrete production equipment that enables customised foam concrete for every application at the touch of a button. The user-friendly interface makes the production of lightweight foamed concrete simple, with the highest levels of quality control and easy combination of units to achieve the desired results for your project.

The compact PLC equipment developed by MAI® consists of an internally cross-linked processing system that works continuously and can be operated as intuitively as a smartphone. The dry mortar compound is mixed and a foam of exactly defined consistency and density is produced. All individual components are under permanent monitoring to ensure process reliability. MAI® foam concrete equipment is already in use in Japan and Europe.

MAI® foam concrete production systems

It is important to find the best lightweight foam concrete production system to maximise performance on your building project.

Take a look at the extensive range of equipment for fully automated production of lightweight concrete available from MAI®.

Talk to MAI® about the latest technology in lightweight foam concrete production systems. Our team of experts is happy to explain why cellular foam concrete should be part of your construction project plan.


The MAI®HICOMP FC is a special purpose mortar mixing pump that sets new standards in process security. Its innovative water and dry material management makes the consistent production of high-quality lightweight porous concrete possible at the touch of a button. With a silo flange diameter of 350 millimeters, it delivers an adjustable foam concrete quantity of 9 to 24 cubic meters per hour. (The nominal diameter of the mortar hose is 50 millimeters and distances up to 100 meters can be bridged).


The MAI®MULTIMIX FC is a special purpose mortar mixing pump that sets new standards in process security. It is an innovative water and dry material management mobile mixing pump for lightweight porous concrete that does not allow even the slightest fluctuations in consistency. Several additives can be added without any change in consistency - even with counter pressure in the mortar hose. This mortar mixing pump produces 3 to 15 cubic meters of controllable lightweight concrete per hour. (The nominal diameter of the mortar hose is 35 mm and the possible distance to the point of use is up to eighty meters).


The MAI®FOG is a compact foam mortar generator in which, in addition to the amount of foam, the foaming agent percentage and the foam density can be easily adjusted. It is suitable both for mobile use and for mounting on the transport silo.


The MAI®DOS is a universally applicable dosing unit for liquid additives in a foam concrete production system. Dose additives at between 5 l/h and 160 l/h at up to maximum 12bar pressure. It is suitable for use with the MAI®HICOMP, MAI®MULTIMIX and MAI®440GE mixing pumps.


The MAI®MIX is an electric agitator for foam mortar mixing with continuously adjustable speeds. It is suitable for use with the MAI®HICOMP and MAI®MULTIMIX mixing pumps.


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