Make occupational health and safety a priority with screeding automation from MAI®

It is a vital part of the process of building quality, durable flooring.  

MAI® screed machines promise excellent performance with the latest automated control systems and fatigue-free working mechanisms. Our goal is to make work on site easier for our customers with user-friendly operation and  comfortable handling.

MAI® makes the jobsite easier and safer

MAI®’s screeding automation innovation has won a health and safety award, recognising our commitment to occupational health, safety and workplace wellbeing.

MAI® makes your jobsite a safer and healthier place to be so contact us about our range of innovative screeding machines and talk to the experts in floor screeding automation.


The MAI®2FLOOR Master XL is a screeding robot for floor-finishing that not only produces excellent results, it also saves wear-and-tear in the joints and improves the overall health of the operators.


The MAI®2FLOORCOMMANDER is a reliable control system for ready mixed silo screed, allowing the fully-automated production of semi-dry screed. It is  suitable for both electric and diesel-powered screed pumps.


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