Essential silo mixing pumps and mobile dry mortar conveying systems for your jobsite

Meet the MAI® range of dry mortar equipment

MAI® makes a range of industrial equipment that is ready and waiting to make your jobsite more efficient and more economical.

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Discover the innovative MAI® dry mortar equipment that can transform your construction project. Our team of experts is available to talk to you about the range of quality MAI® industrial equipment.

Silo Mixing Pumps

MAI® is your best partner on the job site for under silo mixing pumps, whatever the task and whatever the conditions. With MAI® you will get the job done! 

Silo Mounted Continuous Mixers

MAI® International GmbH have been producing innovative industrial equipment for processing of dry mortar for over 50 years and our wide product range includes a number of outstanding continuous silo mixers.

Conveying Systems

The right pneumatic conveying system for dry mortar is an integral part of any modern building construction project, and MAI® has helped customers around the world optimise performance and results.

Screeding Automation

MAI® International GmbH is always looking to make work on site easier and safer, and one way we have achieved this in recent years is through innovation in the area of screeding automation.

Foam Concrete Mortar Systems

Foam concrete is an extremely useful tool in the equipment of a modern construction project manager, and MAI® foam concrete production systems are used in a wide range of building and tunnelling projects around the world.


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