Comfort and convenience in a paint spraying system from MAI

The innovative MAI®4SPARK airless sprayer with an operating range of up to 100m

It has no piston pump so operation is nearly pulsation free and practically silent so that you can enjoy a quiet and comfortable working environment.

A continuously variable delivery rate is aided by the sack mangle with movable lid on the 80-litre material hopper, which prevents dehydration and contamination.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

Expensive and time-consuming maintenance of your airless sprayer is now a thing of the past. With hot dip galvanised components, this piece of equipment has a high level of protection from corrosion and few wearing parts. That means that minimal cleaning work is needed and service costs are low.

All wearing parts can be exchanged immediately on site. The innovative cleaning opening in the material hopper allows quick cleaning.

MAI® innovative airless sprayer technology: talk to our experts about airless sprayers for spackle and putty.






Gypsum filler-
Lime-cement renderX
Clay plaster-
Filler or compoundXXX
Dispersions, spatulaXXX
Adhesive filler-
Repair mortar-
Self levelling floor screed-
Levelling compounds-
Finishing plaster-

-: not suitable | X: limited suitability | XX: suitable | XXX: very suitable


Technical Information

Total system power5,5 kW
Power input400 V
220 V
Fuse32 A
Variable rotary speedincluded
Pump motor5,5 kW
Bag squeezerincluded
High pressure hoseNW20, NW12
Airless spray gunincluded
Dimensions (LxWxH)1522 x 585 x 980 mm
Hopper capacity75 Litre
Pump outlet size3/4"
Filling height870 mm
Total weightapprox. 200 kg


 MAI®4SPARK - Flow Rate (Litre / Minute) 
 5,5 kW 
MAI HIGH PRESSURE1,3 - 7,5 l/min100 bar


157451: Nozzle for Airless Spray Gun
156048: High-Pressure Mortar Hose NW20,  L=10m, 215bar
157190: Airless Spray Gun with Air diffuzor Nozzle and reversible tip 642
161332: Electric Airless Spray Gun  with Swivel Coupler
100368: Hose blockage remove MAI®BLOCKAGE-EX L=10 m

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Instantly clean, durable and robust

MAI®CODUR scores top marks in terms of efficiency, cleanliness and durability during the tool cleaning process. MAI®CODUR allows you to keep cleaning costs to a minimum for all our new and existing machines and tools. Just rinse with water, and the job is done – gently, effectively and quickly.

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