An innovative Austrian company serving the world in plaster and injection technology

  • In 2005 MAI® received an award for exemplary performance in the field of safety and occupational health for employees.
  • In 2007 MAI® won the Austria's Leading Companies Award - made in Carinthia (published by Wirtschaftsblatt, KSV and PricewaterhouseCoopers).
  • In 2009 MAI® was the runner-up in the Carinthian innovation contest.
  • In 2014 MAI® won the “Silver Manus®” award.
  • MAI® has been a member of the International Tunneling and Underground Space Association and in the Tech Activity Group for bolting since 2015 and we are the sole representative of the grouting equipment industry.
  • In 2019 MAI® was awarded the Austrian State “ECONOVIUS” award.


Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm

  • MAI® HICOMP currently one of the most powerful silo mixing pumps for self levelling flooring screed in the world.
  • First company to develop PLC-controlled plastering and conveying machines.
  • Global Number One in tunnelling with the MAI®400NT grout pump.
  • Using high-quality synthetic components for long service life, better mixing quality and easier cleaning since 2003.
  • More and more universities, laboratories and startup companies using our machines for 3D-concrete printing applications.
  • Equipment for the production of foam concrete in which the components communicate with each other via a bus system in order to achieve unprecedented process reliability, and in which different mixes and recipes can be called up at the push of a button.


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