The latest paint spraying system for your project

Virtually noiseless paint spraying system

Gone are the noisy, vibrating piston-operated airless devices of the past. A modern paint spraying system is virtually noiseless.

Brilliantly simple to operate, easy to clean and maintenance-free. Enjoy a comfortable working environment with an airless sprayer from MAI.

Discover MAI airless sprayer technology

The MAI®4SPARKairless paint sprayer will be a pleasure to use on your construction or engineering project. Talk to our experts about the high-tech MAI paint sprayer system.






Gypsum filler-
Lime-cement renderX
Clay plaster-
Filler or compoundXXX
Dispersions, spatulaXXX
Adhesive filler-
Repair mortar-
Self levelling floor screed-
Levelling compounds-
Finishing plaster-

-: not suitable | X: limited suitability | XX: suitable | XXX: very suitable


The MAI®4SPARK is a worm-pump-operated (Progressive Cavity Pump) high-performance airless pump for fillers/putties. It can be operated over transport distances of up to 100m.


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