A proven technology under silo mixer pump from MAI

The MAI®COMP for solid performance in a compact silo mixer pump

The pumping part is able to swivel, allowing both easy cleaning of the silo mixer and easy filling of mortar buckets.

The classic MAI® continuous silo mixing pump

The MAI®COMP mobile mortar system consists of a horizontal continuous mixer (the MAI®2MIX MAIA-XL) and a conveyor pump located under the outlet of the pass mixer with fixed pump power, which can be modified by installing different worm pumps.

Proven low-maintenance components such as highly wear-resistant MAI®CODUR and hot-dip galvanised materials guarantee a long service life.

Speak to the experts at MAI® and find out more about the MAI®COMP compact under silo mixer pump. Talk to us about how high-tech MAI® dry mortar equipment can be your reliable partner on the construction site.






Self levelling floor screedX
Plastering mortarXXX
Cellular foam concrete-

-: not suitable | X: limited suitability | XX: suitable | XXX: very suitable


Technical Information

Total system power16 kW
Power input400 V
Fuse32 A
Setup of mixer, delivery pump, water and control system onto siloincluded
NW350 silo flangeincluded
Frequency converter for delivery pumpoptional
Water meter system with flow meter max. 3000 l/hincluded
Water pumpincluded
Water drum 220 lincluded
Control for mixerincluded
Control for delivery pumpincluded
Control for silovibratorincluded
Cable remote control ON/OFF for delivery pumpincluded
Heating cable at water systemincluded
Mixing and pump capacity120 l/min
Particle size6 - 8 mm
Hopper capacity55 Litre


 MAI®COMP - Flow Rate (Litre / Minute)  
 7,5 kW  
MP 20XL 100144 l/min20 bar4 mm
MP 20XL 120110 l/min20 bar5 mm
MP 20XL 150170 l/min15 bar5 mm


Part Nr. 100368: Hose Blockage Remover
Part Nr. 104065: Mortar Pressure Gauge
Part Nr. 164871: Codur Mixer Long

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Instantly clean, durable and robust

MAI®CODUR scores top marks in terms of efficiency, cleanliness and durability during the tool cleaning process. MAI®CODUR allows you to keep cleaning costs to a minimum for all our new and existing machines and tools. Just rinse with water, and the job is done – gently, effectively and quickly.

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