Grout pump for all your industrial injection systems needs

The MAI®440GE grout pump for all your industrial injection systems needs

The dual mixing principle of the MAI®440GE guarantees top mixing quality and allows variable programmes for the injection system, making it suitable for almost every application.

Developed by professionals for professionals

The MAI®440GE grout pump is the result of decades of experience and has been developed by professionals for professionals. MAI has taken existing injection systems to the next level, with the goal of developing a high-performance grout pump that sets new standards in process security.

The patented mixing blades guarantee a homogeneous mixing and processing quality (patent No: EP 1 768 771 B1). Constant monitoring information and the easy-to-see multilingual operating status on the display screen ensures simple operation and high process reliability.

In particular, by adding the MAI®LOG400 data logging and data monitoring equipment to the system you can capture information such as pressure, injected volume, consumed water and time, making construction site billing very straightforward. You can even micro-bill while drilling is ongoing!

Saving time, money, and the environment

Compared to standard injection systems, the MAI®440GE is a real time saver. This grouting machine makes flow rates from 5 to 60 litres per minute possible at operating pressures of max. 45 bar and hose lengths up to 100m. At the same time, it is very easy to operate.

The system allows permanent visual control of the mix quality in the wet mortar area, making readjustment possible at any time. There is no settling or hardening of the mixed material as the agitator constantly mixes the material during work breaks and keeps it moving. The injection process and continuous mixing means no waiting periods and reduced errors, saving you time and money. The simplified cleaning process leads to waste reduction, lower disposal costs and higher machine efficiency.

The MAI®440GE grout pump is also designed to be sustainable due to the use of stainless steel components, a galvanised frame and wear resistant MAI®Codur synthetic components.




  Market Segments  




Heavy Construction Tunnels, Dams, Shaftscement, anchor mortars, premixed cement/sand/flyash mixessoil & rockXXX
void fillingXXX
anchor, rock boltsXXX
Miningcement, anchor mortars, premixed groutsanchor, rock bolts-
Geotechnicalcement, geothermal mortars, premixed groutsgeothermalXXX
well casingsXXX
abandoned shafts/holesXXX
Building Constructioncement, premixed groutshollow filling-windows/doorsXXX
Restauration Repaircement, premixed grouts, fireproofing, coating mortars, plasters/stuccossprayingXXX
resurfacing concrete/reparaturmörtelXXX
topping/bonded overlays Endbeschichtungen-

-: not suitable | X: limited suitability | XX: suitable | XXX: very suitable

Tunnel Renovation Work, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
Grouting of lining segments, Exploratory Tunnel Tulfes-Pfons, Austria
Grouting of Lining Segments, Exploratory Tunnel Tulfes-Pfons, Austria
Grouting during Geothermal Depth Drilling, Sweden
Truck mounted Grouting System, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
Truck mounted Grouting System, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
Cannel Repair, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
Truck mounted Grouting System for Avalanche Protection, Finland
Truck mounted Grouting System for Avalanche Protection, Finland
Injection during Micropiling, Corsica, France
MAI®440GE with filling from the Silo
Assembly of Rotor & Stator - Worm Pump

Technical Information

Total system power10 kW11,5 kW
Power input200-220 V
400 V
400 V
Fuse63 A32 A32 A
Digital water meter systemincluded
Water pumpincluded
Air System to connect a compressorincluded
Vibrator for mixer and pump unitincluded
Dimensions (LxWxH)2010 x 750 x 1030 mm
Hopper capacity45 Litre
Pump outlet size6/4" NW25 Coupling System MAI®
Filling height1030 mm
Total weightapprox. 360 kg
Water pressuremin. 2 bar (when machine is in operation) 


 MAI®440GE - Flow Rate (Litre / Minute)  
 6 kW7,5 kW  
MP4L5,5 - 30 l/min4,5 - 25,5 l/min40 bar4 mm
MP8L8,5 - 45 l/min7 - 38 l/min35 bar6 mm
MP8L Soft8,5 - 45 l/min7 - 38 l/min35 bar8 mm
MP I2L11,5 - 62 l/min10 - 54 l/min35 bar6 mm
MP I2L kurz11,5 - 62 l/min10 - 54 l/min30 bar6 mm
EX 40014 - 74 l/min12 - 64 l/min30 bar6 mm



Part Nr. 100368: Hose Blockage Remover
Part Nr. 104065: Mortar Pressure Gauge
Part Nr. 164871: Codur Mixer Long
161834: MAI remote control 25 m, with cable
163528: Wireless Remote Control
162407: Pressure measuring unit 0-40 bar, 4-20 mA, NW25 Sys. MAI
153861: MAI-Injection pressure switch 0-16 bar with quick couplings
152210: Compressor MAI-Handy K2 400 V/3/PE/50 Hz with automatic switch off
153798: Mortar hose NW25 PN40 L=10 m Sys. MAI
154767: Mortar hose NW35 PN40 L=10 m Sys. MAI
162536: Mortar hose NW40 PN40 L=20 m NW50 Sys.22
162365: MAI Reprofiling-spray gun with nozzle ø12mm, with quick coupling NW35 Sys. MAI
162276: Air hose 1/2" L=11 m with Euro-Quick connect coupling DN 7,2

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Instantly clean, durable and robust

MAI®CODUR scores top marks in terms of efficiency, cleanliness and durability during the tool cleaning process. MAI®CODUR allows you to keep cleaning costs to a minimum for all our new and existing machines and tools. Just rinse with water, and the job is done – gently, effectively and quickly.

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