MAI® 3D printing construction technology

The special purpose 3D printing mortar mixing pump from MAI®

This makes readjustment possible at any time with no risk of the mixed material setting or hardening because the agitator continually mixes the material during work. The system can also use an optional interface for controlling the MAI®DOS dosing equipment, which is used to add chemical additives (accelerators, activators, retarders etc.) into the mix.

Convenient and built to last 3D printing equipment

This 3D printing mixing pump is super easy to use in a variety of situations and can be loaded from a transport silo, a big bag or manually with bagged cargo.

From creating a 3D printed home wall structure to 3D printing entire buildings, MAI® equipment will be a reliable partner on your construction project. The MAI®MULTIMIX-3D is manufactured using stainless steel and hot-dip galvanised components, guaranteeing corrosion protection and a long service life. The use of highly wear-resistant MAI®CODUR synthetics keeps MAI® equipment corrosion-free and makes speed cleaning easy.

The latest MAI® 3D printing technology can make a real difference on your construction project. Speak to the experts at MAI® about the precision-performance MAI®MULTIMIX-3D mixing pump for 3D concrete printing applications.

Technical Information

Total system power8 kW
Power input400 V
Fuse32 A
Digital water meter systemincluded
Water pumpincluded
Vibrator for mixer and pump unitincluded
Dimensions (LxWxH)2010 x 750 x 1030 mm
Hopper capacity45 Litre
Pump outlet sizeNW25
Filling height1030 mm
Total weightca. 360 kg
Water pressuremin. 2 bar (when machine is running)


 MAI®4MULTIMIX-3D - Flow Rate (Litre / Minute)  
 8 kW  
24L1,5 - 8 l/min15 bar2 mm


161834: Remote Control L=25m
153798: Mortar Hose NW25 L=10m, SYS-MAI®
154767: Mortar Hose h NW35 L=10m, SYS-MAI®
100368: Hose blockage remove MAI®BLOCKAGE-EX L=10 m
Mortar-Temperature measuring unit with NW25 Sys. 22
152210: Compressor MAI-Handy K2 400 V/3/PE/50 Hz with automatic switch off
162365: MAI Reprofiling-spray gun with nozzle ø12mm, with quick coupling NW35 Sys. MAI
152710: MAI Spray gun NW35 INOX, L=400 straight; w/o quick coupling
150938: Swivel coupling brass NW35, IT 6/4", ET 6/4"
153861: MAI-Injection pressure switch 0-16 bar with quick couplings

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Instantly clean, durable and robust

MAI®CODUR scores top marks in terms of efficiency, cleanliness and durability during the tool cleaning process. MAI®CODUR allows you to keep cleaning costs to a minimum for all our new and existing machines and tools. Just rinse with water, and the job is done – gently, effectively and quickly.

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