Data logging made easy with MAI

Start a revolution on your construction site with MAI®LOG data logging and data monitoring equipment

It is super easy to use and trouble-free. When used with MAI® grout pumps the MAI®LOG offers an auto-power-off function where a defined pressure and/or volume is exceeded. You can configure the appropriate measuring unit for your operation (pressure: 6 bar, 40 bar or 100 bar; flow rates: 4 m³/h or 12 m³/h).

The grouting pressure and flow rate measuring device is a separate, flexible module, which can be connected directly to a grout pump. Users can also make adjustments themselves, depending on the type of material to be used by the grouter.

Easy interface with MAI® grouting machines

The MAI®LOG offers an integrated interface for easy control of a range of MAI® grout pumps, including the MAI®400NT, MAI®440GE and MAI®400HD.

The intuitive operation is similar to a modern smartphone with a multilingual display of operating status directly visible and data read-outs available at the touch of a button. The MAI®LOG ensures your MAI® grouting machines are future-proofed – ready for the Internet of Things.

Transform your construction project analysis and billing with MAI®LOG data logging and data monitoring technology. Talk to MAI® about easy to use and integrate data monitoring equipment today. 




  Market Segments  




Heavy Construction Tunnels, Dams, Shaftscement, anchor mortars, premixed cement/sand/flyash mixessoil & rockXXX
void fillingXXX
anchor, rock boltsXXX
Miningcement, anchor mortars, premixed groutsanchor, rock bolts-
Geotechnicalcement, geothermal mortars, premixed groutsgeothermalXXX
well casingsXXX
abandoned shafts/holesXXX
Building Constructioncement, premixed groutshollow filling-windows/doors-
Restauration Repaircement, premixed grouts, fireproofing, coating mortars, plasters/stuccosspraying-
resurfacing concrete/reparaturmörtel-
topping/bonded overlays Endbeschichtungen-

-: not suitable | X: limited suitability | XX: suitable | XXX: very suitable


Technical Information

Power input100-240 V
Fuse16 A
Pressure of monitoring unit6 bar40 bar100 bar6 bar40 bar
Volume of monitoring unit4 m3/h4m3/h4m3/h12 m3/h12 m3/h
Size of monitoring unit1" NW25 Kupplung System MAI®2" NW50
Dimensions operating unit (LxWxH) without tripod526 x 270 x 395 mm
Dimensions monitoring unit 4 m3/h (LxWxH)645 x 200 x 390 mm-
Dimensions monitoring unit 12 m3/h (LxWxH)-600 x 180 x 408 mm
Total weightapprox. 38 kgapprox. 43 kg




Part Nr. 100368: Hose Blockage Remover
Part Nr. 104065: Mortar Pressure Gauge
Part Nr. 164871: Codur Mixer Long

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