The MAI®4SILO-MOBIL conveying machinery

A mobile, fully automatic pneumatic dry mortar conveying system

MAI® process reliability on the construction site

The main goal with designing and manufacturing the MAI®4SILO MOBIL was to increase process reliability because downtime means money on construction projects.

The operator can easily adapt the pressure in the transport silo (dry mortar silo) for optimal supply of the plastering machine. It is impossible to damage the oil-free compressor with an incorrect connection.

The ESA (Electronic Service Assistant) avoids unnecessary downtime for the mortar conveying filling system by permanently displaying the relevant operating status. Faults are displayed with a simple numerical code. So you can take it easy thanks to our fully automatic pneumatic dry mortar conveying system, which doesn’t allow errors.

The MAI®4SILO MOBIL has a hot-dip galvanised frame, guaranteeing a long service life.

The MAI®4SILO MOBIL dry mortar silo conveyor from MAI® offers easy operation and the ultimate in process reliability. Talk to the experts in pneumatic dry mortar conveying systems

Technical Information

Total system power5,5 kW7,5 kW
Power input400 V
Fuse32 A
Compressor oilfree100140
Delivery pressure1,8 bar
Delivery rate24 kg/min
Delivery length100 m
Block distributor pneumatically controlledincluded
Dimensions (LxWxH)1100 x 566 x 915 mm
Total weightca. 215 kg

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