When a large volume silo mixer is required

Turn to the MAI®2MIX-MAIA-XL silo mixer when you need large volume mortar mixing

Innovative water injection technology makes this the perfect mixer, for pre-mixed mortar. The unique position and the patented mixing blades (patent No: EP 1 768 771 B1) guarantee homogeneous mixing and the best possible processing quality.

The MAI®2MIX-MAIA-XLsilo mixer has been manufactured using highly wear-resistant MAI®CODUR synthetic materials and hot-dip galvanised components. This is dry mortar equipment that guarantees a long service life and ease of maintenance. All components of the silo mixer can be easily removed for speed cleaning thanks to quick-release connections.

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Masonry mortarXXX
Plastering mortarXXX
Earth-moist screedXXX
Self levelling floor screedXXX
Levelling compoundsX
Tile adhesivesX
Gluing mortarX
Jointing mortarX
Reinforcement mortarXXX
Repair mortarXXX
Finishing plaster-
Insulating plasterX
Drainage concreteXXX
Concrete up to 4mm grain sizeXXX
Concrete up to 8mm grain sizeXXX
Diameter of silo flange350mm

-: not suitable | X: limited suitability | XX: suitable | XXX: very suitable


Technical Information

Total system power5,5 kW
Power input400 V
Fuse25 A
NW350 silo flangeincluded
Control panelnot available
Water meter systemnot available
Water pumpnot available
Mixing capacity120, 140 - 170 l/min
Particle size6 - 8 mm
Dimensions (LxWxH)2135 x 460 x 425 mm
Hopper capacity55 Litre
Total weightapprox. 150 kg


153884: Mixing Blade MAI®CODUR S210/B40/4
153886: Mixing Blade MAI®CODUR  G210/B40/4
156795: Mixing Blade MAI®CODUR B210/2/B25
153885: Mixing Blade MAI®CODUR B210/B40/4
157010: Mixing Blade MAI®CODUR D/210/B40/4

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Instantly clean, durable and robust

MAI®CODUR scores top marks in terms of efficiency, cleanliness and durability during the tool cleaning process. MAI®CODUR allows you to keep cleaning costs to a minimum for all our new and existing machines and tools. Just rinse with water, and the job is done – gently, effectively and quickly.

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