Incredibly fine performance by the MAI®2MIX-LYRA-PICCOLO

A reliable silo mixer for high-quality mixing on your construction site

All components can be easily removed for cleaning thanks to the quick-release connections. This also allows for the quickest possible assembly of the silo mixer.

The almost legendary reliability and outstanding processing quality of the MAI®2MIX-LYRA-PICCOLO ensure the highest price-performance ratio when it comes to your bottom line. Robust construction and easy maintenance ensure the MAI®2MIX-LYRA-PICCOLO continuous silo mixer will be a valuable part of your team for years to come.

Innovative technology for a continuous silo mixer

Innovative water injection technology makes this the perfect silo mixer for pre-mixed dry mortar. The unique position of the water injection and the patented mixing blades (patent No: EP 1 768 771 B1) guarantee homogeneous mixing and the best possible processing quality for fine materials.

The MAI® silo mixer for fine dry mortar materials. Talk to the friendly team at MAI® today about the innovative MAI®2MIX-LYRA-PICCOLO.






Masonry mortarXX
Plastering mortarXXX
Earth-moist screedX
Self levelling floor screedX
Levelling compoundsX
Tile adhesivesX
Gluing mortarXXX
Jointing mortarXX
Reinforcement mortarXXX
Repair mortarXX
Finishing plasterXX
Insulating plasterX
Drainage concrete-
Concrete up to 4mm grain size-
Concrete up to 8mm grain size-
Diameter of silo flange250mm

-: not suitable | X: limited suitability | XX: suitable | XXX: very suitable


Technical Information

Total system power2,2 kW
Power input400 V
Fuse16 A
Control for silo vibratorincluded
NW250 silo flangeincluded
NW250 quick-change silo flangeoptional
Water meter system with flow meter max. 1000 l/hoptional
Water pumpnot available
Mixing capacity10 - 25 l/min
Particle size3 mm
Dimensions (LxWxH)1470 x 630 x 380 mm
Hopper capacity11 Litre
Total weightapprox. 90 kg
Water pressuremin. 2 bar (when machine is in operation)

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Instantly clean, durable and robust

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