Let a high-performance MAI continuous silo mixer revolutionise your construction projects

A silo mixer for every construction site

A MAI silo mixer is ideal for large grout and mortar jobs and comes in a range of setups for different levels of capacity. Expect rugged performance and easy maintenance with durable components.

Perfect results from MAI mobile silo mortar systems

Each mixer in the MAI range provides our valuable customers with a smooth, uniform, high-quality mix that is easy to handle. MAI continuous mixers are also easy to clean and easy to operate.

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Masonry mortarXXXXXXXX
Plastering mortarXXXXXXXXX
Earth-moist screedXXXXXXX
Self levelling floor screedXXXXXXX
Levelling compoundsXXX
Tile adhesivesXXX
Gluing mortarXXXXX
Jointing mortarXXXX
Reinforcement mortarXXXXXXXXX
Repair mortarXXXXXXXX
Finishing plaster--XX
Insulating plasterXXX
Drainage concreteXXXXXX-
Concrete up to 4mm grain sizeXXXXXX-
Concrete up to 8mm grain sizeXXXXXX-
Diameter of silo flange350mm250mm250mm

-: not suitable | X: limited suitability | XX: suitable | XXX: very suitable


The MAI®2MIX-LYRA-PICCOLO is an industrial continuous silo mixer for fine materials, providing the highest mixing quality, every time. It has a maximum mixing capacity of up to 25l/min and a maximum grain size of 4mm for a silo flange diameter of 250 mm. Innovative water injection technology and durable materials makes this the perfect silo mixer for your construction site.


Expand your flexibility and range with the MAI®2MIX-MAIA universal mixer. Patented mixing blades guarantee perfect homogeneous mixing and processing quality for top results on your project. It has a maximum mixing capacity of up to 40 to 80 l/min with a maximum grain size of 6 mm (or up to 8mm although this may lead to increased wear) for a silo flange diameter of 250 mm. This is the optimal universal mixer for the dry mortar industry. 


The MAI®2MIX-MAIA-XL is the industrial silo mixer for when a larger mixing capacity is required, with a maximum of 40 to 150 l/min and a grain size of 6mm (or up to 8mm although this may lead to increased wear) for a silo flange diameter of 350mm. Perfect mixing quality every time.


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