MAI® intelligent technology lightweight foam concrete pump

Turn to the MAI®HICOMP-FC when you need lightweight foam concrete production for construction projects

Patented mixing blades guarantee homogeneous mixing and processing quality of the lightweight foam mortar produced (patent No: EP 1 768 771 B1).

Speed Easy cleaning systems components and wear-resistant MAI®CODUR parts as well as hot-dip galvanised components guarantee long life and corrosion protection.

Adaptable partner for all your job site requirements

The  MAI®HICOMP-FC is similar to the popular MAI®HICOMP but with special equipment included for the production of cellular foam concrete. This includes the MAI®FOG silo mounted foam generator and the static mixer as well as the special worm pump for lightweight foam and optionally available auxiliary units such as the dosing pump MAI®DOS.

The system includes interfaces for the control of these external devices, which are controllable from the MAI®HICOMP-FC unit or via the optional cable or radio remote control.

The MAI®HICOMP-FC can also be easily used like a standard MAI®HICOMP when you need a regular mobile mortar system rather than a foam concrete system.

MAI® are specialists in foam concrete silo mixing pumps so please send us an email and talk to us about the range of cutting-edge MAI® cellular foam concrete equipment today.






Self levelling floor screedXXX
Plastering mortar-
Cellular foam concreteXXX

-: not suitable | X: limited suitability | XX: suitable | XXX: very suitable


Technical Information

Total system power17 kW
Power input400 V
Fuse32 A
Setup of mixer, delivery pump, water and control system onto silo with clamp systemincluded
NW350 silo flangeincluded
Frequency converter for delivery pumpincluded
Digital water meter systemincluded
Water pumpincluded
Water drum 220 lincluded
Control for mixerincluded
Control for delivery pumpincluded
Control for silo vibratorincluded
Cable remote control with water and pump speed adjustmentincluded
Mixing and pump capacity120, 140 - 170 l/min
Particle size6 - 8 mm
Hopper capacity72 Litre


 MAI®HICOMP-FC - Flow Rate (Litre / Minute)  
 9,2 kW  
MP 30XL 25115 - 75 l/min20 bar4 mm
MP 30XL 45127 - 135 l/min20 bar5 mm
MP 30XL 60136 - 180 l/min20 bar5 mm
MP 30XL 80148 - 240 l/min15 bar8 mm


100368: Hose blockage remove MAI®BLOCKAGE-EX L=10 m

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